Oct/28/2015 · 16:10
two years ago

Some of our Favorite Dream Project Competition Entries

Thanks to everyone who entered the TravelStarter Lonely Planet Dream Project competition! The competition closed last Wednesday, and the winner will be announced soon.

We received hundreds of ideas for innovative, sustainable tourism projects from travelers and entrepreneurs all over the world. It’s been fascinating and inspiring to see so many great ideas come in.

Many ideas are for new apps, websites or other technological solutions to improve peoples’ travel experiences. Others seek to improve the way tourists find restaurants and experience local cuisine. Others still are about conserving the environment through eco-friendly tourism. Here are a few of our favorite ‘Dream Project’ ideas. The winning idea is not necessarily included in this article.



An interactive mobile travel guide for Greece

Nikolaos Moropoulos’s idea is to create an interactive mobile travel guide for Greece. The guide would be a smartphone app that allows you to share your travel itineraries and experiences with others, creating a dynamic travel guide full of inspiring ideas for traveling in Greece.

Home cooking in India

Jitendra Jagdale wants to give ordinary people in India the opportunity to open their homes and cook for tourists. Tourists will connect with talented home chefs using a website and mobile app to find authentic local food across India.

Cheap last-minute tickets

Lucy Vasey has a great idea for making transport more sustainable while offering tourists cheap deals. She wants to create a mobile app to allow airlines, trains, cruise ships and buses a place to sell spare last-minute seats cheaply. This would improve the energy efficiency of transport and also give budget travelers somewhere to find attractive last-minute deals.

Peer-to-peer travel planning

Greg Buzulencia is looking to develop a peer-to-peer platform to allow tourists to get travel planning advice from the real experts: the locals themselves. Locals can earn money by providing outstanding travel recommendations, which are rated and reviewed on their profiles.

A community for disabled travelers

Angus Drummond wants to help make global travel easier for disabled travelers by creating an online community to share tips and experiences. Angus believes that many disabled people are put off from traveling due to a lack of information and advice, and that an online community is the best way to solve this problem.



Picnics on the beach

Julie Gilman is looking to open a picnic-selling business on the beaches of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Julie believes that a picnic on the beach is one of life’s great pleasures, and would like to offer this to tourists, who would be able to order a custom-made picnic online and pick it up on the beach.

Menu mapping

Anastazija Dimitrova’s idea is for local people across the world to share their favorite places to eat and drink to help travelers find undiscovered gems. The project would help tourists avoid soulless chain restaurants and instead get to know the local food culture.



An eco-friendly hostel

Flavia Di Tomassi’s dream is to establish an eco-friendly wellbeing hostel on the coast of Portugal. The hostel will offer healthy fresh food, pilates sessions and of course easy access to Portugal’s great surfing beaches.

Plant therapy

Stephanie London is looking to start several new projects at Health Haven Botanical Gardens, a horticultural education charity in Missouri. These will include a park for autistic children and adults with Alzheimer’s to take part in therapeutic gardening activities, cooking classes, a meditation retreat and an outdoor science laboratory.

Stay tuned to find out the winner!

These are just a few of the fascinating ideas we’ve had the pleasure of reading through. The winner of the $1000 prize will be announced soon. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you want to be the first to know which dream project idea wins! 

If you would love to read the other ideas received during the competition, you can find them on the Dream Project page.