Sep/23/2015 · 13:09

two years ago

TravelStarter Launches Dream Project Competition with Lonely Planet

Everybody has a dream. What’s yours?

Sep/01/2015 · 13:09

two years ago

Touring the World of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland

Even if you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, you might not have realized that the wildly popular epic fantasy series is largely filmed in Northern Ireland, whose ruggedly beautiful landscape lends the show much of its character. Roughly 75% of Game of Thrones is filmed in Northern Ireland, which HBO chose not just for its landscapes but also to use Belfast’s Paint Hall Studios, which was once used to paint parts of the Titanic and is now the largest studio space in the world.

Aug/25/2015 · 15:08

two years ago

The 17 Secrets to Successfully Crowdfund a Tourism Project

Crowdfunding lets you bypass the banks and raise funds from the really important people: your customers. By crowdfunding your tourism project you can connect with travellers who care about supporting innovative sustainable businesses like yours. Furthermore, you aren’t taking out a loan, so the money is all yours to keep.

Aug/19/2015 · 07:08

two years ago

Cape Canopy Tour- A zipline between South Africa’s Mountains

The idea of soaring through the skies like a bird is intensely appealing to most people. The ziplines at Cape Canopy Tour near Cape Town, South Africa make this Icarian desire to fly a reality, offering visitors the thrilling experience of flying over this stunningly beautiful mountainous landscape.

Aug/11/2015 · 10:08

two years ago

How Crowdfunding Can Fuel Tourism Innovation

Where some people see crisis others see an opportunity. Amidst the perfect storm of the 2008 financial crash something new and exciting emerged, something that would change the world economy: crowdfunding.