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All good things must come to an end. We are sad to say that the TravelStarter Lonely Planet Dream project competition is now closed. We just finished putting on our reading glasses and are in search for that one idea that we think kicks butt.

We would love to thank everyone for visiting our site, and submitting these brilliant ideas. We hope to announce the winner shortly. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and stay updated about other brilliant projects from TravelStarter.

Good Luck!

Dream Project Ideas

Alternative traveling (hitchhiking, cycling, walking) enables intense experiences that don't happen while traveling in an all-inclusive tourist package. It also promotes friendship and tolerance and brakes prejudice and stereotypes while experiencing other cultures from ''inside''. While traveling such alternative way it's crucial to be respectful to nature and people because it means giving something back for all that we receive - food, accommodation and kindness of strangers in general. Therefore, our travel becomes sustainable. But when our travels have an added value like doing it for charity, it reaches the ultimate level of traveling sustainability. I will hitchhike, cycle and walk from Croatia to Philippines to promote alternative ways of traveling and at the same time raise funds for three charity organizations. One for each field - health, education and environment. The project would serve as a pilot project for launching a bigger platform to support alternative traveling.
- Ivan Đogić
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The BEAUTY of NATURE always brings amazing INNER PEACE for human. With $1000, I would like to experience the beauty of autumn in Japan. My journey will starts in Hozu Valley, the valley of Hozugawa river, which passes through Kyoto and Kameoka City to the west of Kyoto. During my river-boat-ride, I can experience thrilling sections with strong current and enjoy the splendid mountains stand along each riverbank, covered with fiery red and yellow leaves in autumn. Next, I will hike among the autumn leaves and visit as many ancient temples as I can. With tall maple trees and ginkgo trees all around forming the background of red and yellow, I will see magnificent temples embraced by a beautiful carpet of fallen leaves spread over the ground. At last, I will relax myself in a hot spring while soaking in the autumn colors. An open-air hot spring surrounded by a landscape of bright red and gold colors would definitely the right place to calm down one's mind.
- Liew Li-Peng
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Nicaragua is a country that is seeing an explosion in touristic activities within this past decade, however the local population is still largely under-served and impoverished (sometimes as a result of the tourist boom). Disproportionately, the indigenous populations (living in 'indigenous settlements' such as Monimbo) are among those who are reduced to the margins. Even more, their Pre-Hispanic past is often left untold and increasingly at risk. I want to construct a living history centre that helps to solve these issues. This centre will be a reconstructed 'Nicoyan' settlement that will employ local people in the Masaya area (with 2 indigenous settlements) to give them a platform to engage visitors with the past. It will provide them greater economic access, while at the same time giving Pre-Hispanic Nicaragua a public voice. This voice will help to instill pride in the country's past peoples and ultimately to do likewise for the modern indigenous populations of the country.
- Paul Edward Montgomery
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