How it works

TravelStarter is a global crowdfunding platform that enables people to travel by supporting local tourism.

It works in a couple of easy steps

Choose your destination

Do you already have plans for your next trip? Or maybe you are still looking for ideas? In any case, take a look at our participating locations and select your perfect match. We support destinations from all over the world, and we are working on adding new ones as fast as we can.


Fund local projects

Once you know where you are going (for real or just in your head), it’s time to browse through local projects and through the rewards that are offered. You can look at different reward categories and choose to STAY, EAT, TOUR, MOVE or LEARN with your future host. Or you could just receive a GIFT instead or GET NOTICED if you are not traveling yet. If you don’t care about the rewards, you can also browse different project categories and perhaps support a cause you are passionate about. There is something for everyone.


Receive travel rewards

Once the project is successfully funded, you are free to claim the reward for your trip. It could be a nice dinner in Paris, an overnight stay at a guesthouse in Prague, a daily bike rental in Amsterdam, an authentic tour of Rome, or maybe a flamenco lesson in Madrid. You will not only experience your destination as a local and save some money, but you will also meet some great people and perhaps make some lifelong friends on the way.


Repeat or do your own project

You can fund as many projects as you like – even for a single trip. Why settle for a dinner when you can have a dinner AND a place to stay? And even after you get back, we’ll be here, ready to make your next trip better, all by supporting local businesses and creative individuals. But don’t settle just for that – perhaps we inspired you to think about your own projects. Maybe you want to open a coffee shop, a bike rental place, or anything else that can make your hometown a better place for locals and visitors. Together let’s bring tourism back to the people.

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