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I am planning to travel all around USA and Canada for one year (3months in the US, 6months in Canada and 3 months again in the US) with one unique purpose : meeting Native Americans all accross North America, going to reservations, working with some associations. The idea is to meet the Natives, understand their personal and global History, understand how they live now, the issues they're curently dealing with in its globality. The project's final idea is to make a film about them, an photographic exhibition (and maybe a detailed photographic book if I could find someone to publish it) and I wish I could aslo write a novel about my journey. My journey itself will be detailed on a website I already create. I don't want to spend too much money so, except the flight tickets itself, I will try as much as possible to travel inside the country without paying anything and work in some places in exchange of food and accomodations. Name of the project : VOJAGADO -means "Traveling" in Esperanto
- Emilie Creteur
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- Evans Mithika
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Out and Out Travel is a new and exciting LGBT travel company, founded by Brian Curley in June 2016. After much research, I decided upon having the company Scottish Registered, thereby enabling me to take full advantage of all the outstanding services available to me through Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International. I have benefited greatly from a great deal of Travel Consultancy work, in both Retail and Business Travel. From a Retail Travel perspective, I have had a huge degree of interaction with Tour Companies (from large multi-nationals through to small in-country tour operators) and is fully versed in all the intricacies involved in creating the best possible travel experience for clients and I also possesses strong communication skills with tour providers, thus nurturing strong lasting professional relationships. From ‘round the world’ complex itineraries through to the ‘holiday of a lifetime’, I have an abundance of experience in all aspects.
- Brian Curley
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