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Fans of Corsica landscapes and spirit, we'll make possible to all tourists to discover it from a wonderful schooner by a gorgeous cruise. During your travel, you will make several activities, to really take part of the soul of Corsica, as diving, snorkeling, horse riding on the beach, jet ski, ... We need to fund 15 000 € to be able to convert the boat and to deploy our successful communication plan We just wanted to know your feeling about our product and your ability to help us in our adventure. Please, be honest and help us keeping on mind our main objective : not to disapoint our prospect and our financial supports, you ! I frankly hope to meet you in the next step. Sincerly, Boris.
- Boris Bembinoff
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A new booking reservation website with better-lower commission prices (5%-15%) for good clients. The basic idea is based in evaluation both for accommodation and guests with a multiple choice questioner. Hotels will have the possibility to make better offers in good clients. Frequent travelers and polite people will be rewarded. Can't say more now but I have studied online booking reservation system for more than 10 years and found basic negative points and simply solutions to make things work much much better.
- Christos Kefalas
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Saludos, soy Cristina Ahassi, naturalist guide, anthropologist, foodie guide and funder of Galapagos Foodie Tours in Ecuado: Guayaquil, Quito, Cuenca and the Galapagos islands. My idea is to create a travel agency, a web site, and video to prmote the tour. My foodie tour on Pto. Ayora on Santa Cruz island is a success already and the goal is that Ecuador becomes the best foodie destination in the world. All my partners have shown that is time to build the bond between gastronomy and tourism. I am certain that this project is going to make a lot of business grow. So far, we have created eight different tours, with the participation of chefs, owners of restaurants and hotels, waitresses, cultural patrimony guides, family and friends. Right now I need money for: become a company and tour agency ($8000 aprox.), build a webpage and publicity on social media ($7000), the production of the video ($8000 aprox), build a souvenir shop ($10000 aprox.). my big problem I dont have a paypal account
- Cristina Ahassi
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