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Hooray! You are just a few steps away from submitting your awesome project. We have compiled a few useful tips below to help you create the best project. We are confident you will find them useful.

Project guidelines

Before you dive right in, we would like to invite you check out our project guidelines. It will help you quickly find out if your project meets our project criteria.

The project

The first question you need to answer for any crowdfunding project, is for what you are raising the funds. Whatever it is, it needs to be a project with a clear end result. This is the first step, and it’s very important that you are very clear about what you want and how you plan to achieve that. > Read more

The project needs to be focused and properly outlined. It needs to have a beginning and an end. For example: Raising money to open up a small guesthouse in Bali has a clear goal– your project is done when you open up the guesthouse.

The story. People need to know why you are doing this project. What inspired you, motivated you, go you to wake up each morning and work on it tirelessly. Your prospective funders would like to hear about where your ideas came from and what it means to you. People not only love to support an idea, but they also love to support you and your story. Therefore it is important to be clear, personal, and realistic when you share your story.

Another important aspect to consider is the audience itself. Who are you trying to attract? What’s your idea of a perfect backer? How do you plan to use your own network to crowdfund your project? Depending on your target audience, be sure to adapt your style and tone. A project that would speak mostly to young backpackers should sound a lot different than a project that is supposed to attract luxury travelers. < Read less

Funding goals

It is extremely important to research your project’s budget, so you can set the funding goals properly. There are 3 questions you need to answer: > Read more

How much money do you need?

Do an extensive research of your budget. Are you looking for full support or just partial? If you are crowdfunding a local business, check rent prices, furniture costs, utility bills, staff expenses, material, marketing spending, etc.

Be specific, and let funders know on what you are going to be spending their money. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of your rewards and all the fees (postage, PayPal, TravelStarter fees). It is recommended to be realistic and not exaggerate, especially if your current social media network is not very big. It’s better to raise more than your goal than to not reach it at all.

How long will your funding period be?

We don’t recommend you run a crowdfunding project for less than 30 days. You need enough time to promote your project on social media and build up your story. However, if you run your campaign for too long, you might end up losing the momentum and virality. The maximum length depends on the type of project, but we suggest you don’t make run a project for more than 90 days.

The most successful campaigns usually last around 1 month.

Will your goal be flexible or fixed?

TravelStarter offers two types of funding – fixed and flexible.

Fixed funding requires you to reach your goal, otherwise you don’t receive the funding. This is a favorable option for projects that cannot be executed if the goal is not reached. On the other hand, flexible funding lets you keep all the funds you raise. Choose this option if your project can be done even if you don’t reach your goal.

Project rewards

Truly unique rewards are more likely to help you get funded much faster than generic rewards. Funders on TravelStarter care for rewards that are more than just postcards and T-shirts. We encourage you to offer real local experiences to your funders. Think about it: If someone wants to visit your city, they will be more than happy to support your project if you can offer them a real local encounter. > Read more

What to offer?

We suggest you offer 6 to 8 rewards that are clearly distinct in price. Make them unique and interesting – look at our rewards categories to get more ideas. They will help you create experiences people cannot get anywhere else.

  • STAY – Offer a place to crash. It could be one night or a whole month if you are away from home. This is especially suitable for existing accommodation businesses.
  • MOVE – Have a spare bike? A car you don’t use? Why not let your funders use it?
  • EAT – You don’t have to own a restaurant to cook something for your next guest, but if you do, even better! Help travelers discover true local flavors.
  • TOUR – You know your city. You live there. Share your passion, and give people a tour. Or maybe just take them out partying. Your choice.
  • LEARN – Do you have a skill you can teach someone? A language? A martial art? A visual art? A dance? Share your knowledge with people from all around the world.
  • GIFTS – Don’t worry, you can still send postcards and other gifts to your donors. Not everybody can travel, but everyone loves gifts.
  • GET NOTICED – If you are traveling around the world by bike, why don’t you put a sticker of your favorite company on your helmet, and get some extra funding in exchange? Your project might be perfect for sponsors, so don’t forget to target companies that could benefit from your promotion.
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Images and Visuals

Sharing your story through visuals is a great way to engage your audience. A simple yet effective video could very well be the most important part of your project. There is no better way to showcase yourself and your project by using emotions that can only be fully presented in a visual form.

Have images or sketches of your project, rewards you wish to offer and anything else that may be related to your project.

> Read more

What should you include in your video?

  • The project idea is yours, therefore you need to be the star of the video. Funders need to hear who you are directly from you. Even if you are camera shy, you should make your best effort to share your story. When you are passionate about something, words will follow.
  • Tell the world the story behind the project. People love to hear how your idea came to be and where you currently stand. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions.
  • Ask for support and let everyone know what you need it. Ask confidently.
  • Clearly mention your rewards, and connect them directly to the donations. They are your main selling point, so make sure you make them count.
  • Don’t forget to thank everyone. Please and Thank you are the magic words.

A few technical notes

  • Your video should be uploaded to YouTube.
  • Keep the video under 3 minutes or even less. Take your time to get your message across, but don’t take too long. People will quickly lose attention.
  • If you can, use diagrams, animations, and other effects, however make sure they actually help tell the story. Do not overuse special effects just for the sake of it.
  • Use YouTube annotations with links to your TravelStarter projects.
  • Even if you have never done a movie before, don’t worry about it. If you really care about your project, people will see that, even if your clip is not Oscar material.
  • Pay attention to the music you use. You don’t want to use copyrighted material. Use free resources.
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