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I don't even have a name for it yet; however, here goes... "TableShare" is an idea aimed at solo travellers, being that travelling alone can be complicated when trying to book tours, where many times you are required to have two pax as a minimum, or simply going to a restaurant and having to sit alone on your meals can be kind of boring. The way it would work, is that businesses sign up on a site, and they get a QR code for every space available (for example if they have a table with 6 seats, their QR code is created for those 6 seats), then, the solo traveller signs up on the site, goes on the section of intrest (Restaurant, Bar, Tour, etc), looks over all of the available "TableShares" and makes a reservation on the seat "Miguel from Spain will be joining the table tonight at 6 pm". Locals can sign up too if they want to have dinner with traveller and meet up, exchange stories, etc. Same with "TourShare": "Tanja from Sweeden will be joining Friday at 10:30"... and so on.
- Alvaro Ramirez
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I am Planing to take a running lodging and fooding highway Motel in India where I plan to provide economical accommodation and Vegetarian food which will be managed by the 70% of the staff trained by us who are underprivileged and same would be help to get technical education certification from certified institute.
- Manoj Sharma
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